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What is Angus Independent Advocacy (AIA)?

Angus Independent AdvocacyHere at Angus Independent Advocacy (AIA) “Having Your Voice Heard” is our core purpose. We are a registered charity and support residents across Angus.
Our funding allows us to work with people who are living with;

  • mental ill health;
  • a learning disability;
  • dementia;
  • an acquired brain injury, or;
  • are an older person

The two main projects covered by our funding are Direct Advocacy and Citizen Advocacy.

Direct Advocacy Project

Angus Independent Advocacy (AIA) has three Independent Advocacy Workers (paid members of staff) who support Advocacy Partners who may be dealing with changes in their lives such as:

  • Child Protection
  • Adult Support and Protection
  • Accessing Care and Support

They also support individuals who are aged 16+ and affected by the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. Our Independent Advocacy Workers will go and meet with people and support them to understand their
rights in relation to the Act. They will ensure the person’s voice is heard and respected in relation to their care and treatment.

The work often focuses on encouraging the Advocacy Partner to have their voice heard to address the issue(s) they have identified. The Advocacy Partner will contact the office when they feel they would like to work with an
Independent Advocacy Worker. Our advocates support individuals to represent their own interests or represents their views if they are unable to do this themselves. If necessary we will support the person to access information and options so they can make informed decisions and choices in their life.

Citizen Advocacy Project

Our Citizen Advocacy Project matches people who face barriers to having their voice heard and would like to be more connected to their community (Advocacy Partner) with another local person who is independent from the partners life and shares our core purpose and values (Citizen Advocate). When an Advocacy Partner and Citizen Advocate are matched we call this a Partnership.

Citizen Advocacy is where the Citizen Advocate works independently on a one to one basis with the Advocacy Partner. The Partnership is equal and usually long-term in nature (Have a look at some Stories about partnerships). The
Partner and Advocate get to know each other well so the Advocate can support the Partner to have their voice heard. When we say Citizen Advocates are 'Independent' we mean they want to share some of their spare time to meet with an Advocacy Partner and are not part of any services the partner may use or AIA. Often having someone non-paid who chooses to be in their life is the most important part of Citizen Advocacy for the Advocacy Partner.

In order to match an Advocacy Partner and a Citizen Advocate together, a Development Worker (paid member of staff) spends time getting to the know the Advocacy Partner. They work alongside them to understand their story to produce a personal profile. Their profile will be anonymised and used to recruit their Citizen Advocate. Once a Citizen Advocate has been identified the Development Worker supports them through the application and matching process and will offer on-going support throughout the Partnership.

To find out more about becoming a Citizen Advocate or an Advocacy Partner, please contact the office on 01241 434413 and ask to speak to a member of the team.

The Importance of Independence

Angus Independent Advocacy (AIA) are independent of organisations that provide services to the Advocacy Partners. We are committed to the individual’s voice and wishes being heard. We do not express our own view,
but that of the individual. Even when the person is considered not to have capacity we still work to seek out that individual’s point of view. When the person cannot tell us their wishes, then we would use Non-Instructed Advocacy (SIAA).

As an organisation our only function is to provide Independent Advocacy. It is an empowering tool as it supports Advocacy Partners to have more control and a meaningful say in their lives. It can also help people re-connect to their community and build stronger community ties.


Independent Advocacy Worker

Independent Advocacy Worker:
Is a paid member of staff at AIA who works in the Direct Advocacy Project.
They work directly with Advocacy Partners aged 16+ to address an issue they have identified.

They also work with people aged 16+ (In certain cases under 16) who have been affected by the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003.

Development Worker

Development Worker: Is a paid member of staff at AIA who works in the Citizen Advocacy Project.
They work with Advocacy Partners aged 26+ and Citizen Advocates to match them as a Partnership.
They deliver training sessions and on-going support for Partnerships.

Advocacy Partner

Advocacy Partner: Is an Angus resident who may be living with

  • - mental ill health;
  • - a learning disability;
  • - dementia;
  • - an acquired brain injury, or;
  • - are an older person.

Who are looking for support to have their voice heard.

Citizen Advocate

Citizen Advocate: Is a local person who would like to share some of their free time to get to know an Advocacy Partner.


Partnership: is when an Advocacy Partner and Citizen Advocate are matched together by a Development Worker and build anequal Partnership.

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