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This new resource aims to:

  • Stand alongside children & young people going through the Hearings System
  • Enable children & young people to participate in the decisions affecting them
  • Improve the experiences of children & young people within the Hearings System

Angus Independent Advocacy is the primary provider of Independent Advocacy for Children and Young People in the Children’s Hearing System in Angus. 

Independent Advocacy will give children and young people who take up the offer of working with an advocate, an opportunity to say how they feel and to learn more about their rights within the Hearing System. The Independent Advocate’s role is completely unique as they will work for and on behalf of the child or young person and will not be influenced by anyone else.

The provision of Independent Advocacy at Children’s Hearings will ensure children and young people’s rights are respected and realised, that they are able to express their views, feelings and wishes, and have them taken seriously, in line with Article 12 of the United Nations on the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Independent Advocacy is completely independent from services already in their lives and the worker will be directed by the young person they are working alongside.

The advocacy worker will have up to date knowledge of the Children’s Hearing System, the rights of children and young people and relevant legislation. They will support the child or young person’s understanding of their rights and support them to exercise these rights. They will also help to prepare them for the range of potential decisions that might be made, and help them understand the outcomes of Hearings and what impact this could have on their lives.

Referrals to this service can be made by:

Text:  07724 814 437

Phone:  01241 434413

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



AGM 2019

Angus Independent Advocacy held their AGM on Tuesday 22nd October 2019.  Please find links below to the Annual Report and Financial Accounts to the year end March 2019.                                          

 Annual Report 2018/19 

Financial Accounts 2018/19


PRESS RELEASE:  20 June 2017


Angus Independent Advocacy (AIA) have been successful in obtaining funding from The Big Lottery Fund, Angus Health and Social Care Partnership and Henry Duncan Awards to continue and expand our Citizen Advocacy Project over the next five years.  

The Big Lottery has supported the development of Citizen Advocacy across Angus since 2012, and we are grateful for their continued commitment to the resource which has supported over 80 local people to date.  We are also delighted that the positive impact of citizen advocacy has been recognised locally by the Health & Social Care Partnership and that Henry Duncan Awards have chosen to invest in the project. 

The Citizen Advocacy Project can support Angus residents aged 26+ who are struggling to have their voice heard and are feeling socially isolated who also have: 

  • a learning disability 
  • mental ill health  
  • an acquired brain injury 
  • dementia, or
  • are an older person.  

Citizen advocacy is a powerful tool in empowering local people to support members of their community in a preventative and natural way. Both Citizen Advocate and Advocacy Partner benefit from connecting with someone new, whilst the project also offers learning opportunities for the wider community around issues of social isolation and discrimination.   

Big Lottery Fund Scotland Chair, Maureen McGinn, said: “I am delighted that Angus Independent Advocacy has been successful in securing a Big Lottery Fund grant. The funding will make a big difference where it is needed most and I wish Angus Independent Advocacy every success as it goes on to develop and expand its project for the benefit of their local community.” 

If anyone wishes to find out more about any aspect of the Citizen Advocacy Project please get in touch with the AIA office on 01241 434413, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit our website  

Heather MacMaster 

Citizen Advocacy Project Manager 

The Citizen Advocacy Subgroup who worked alongside Suzanne Swinton (Executive Director) to secure the funding.

Citizen Advocacy Subgroup June 2017 cropped

Front row (left to right) - Heather MacMaster, Derek Stewart and Christine Landsburgh

Back row (left to right) - Robin Ross and Bill Reid 










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