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Our values are at the core of our organisation and guide the way we act and work as an organisation.  They are as follows:

Non – Judgmental
We will not make judgements about anyone we meet and their circumstances. 
We provide support independently of any service provider and will maintain this position in all work undertaken. 
As an organisation, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute and participate in whatever way they can, in all aspects of their life. 
Confidentiality is a core value at AIA.  All in the organisation work within our comprehensive Confidentiality Policy, which includes data protection, adult support and protection and child protection.
AIA will treat everyone with respect.
Making a Difference
AIA works towards a more equal and inclusive community.
Person Centred
AIA use a person-centered approach in all advocacy partnerships. 
AIA will support individuals to make their voices heard.
The advocates at AIA work tirelessly to ensure that the individual’s voice is heard.
We are a social justice organisation and believe in equal rights and opportunities for everyone in all aspects of society.
Loyalty to our advocacy partners
Our prime loyalty is to the people we support.
All at AIA uphold the values of sincerity and honesty.
The AIA staff and Board work as a strong team and make decisions collectively on the development of the organisation.

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Angus Independent Advocacy

69 High Street, Arbroath

Angus  DD11 1AN


Tel:  01241 434413 

Text:  07724 814437

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