Our Team

Heather MacMaster

Chief Executive Officer

Email: heather@angusindadvocacy.org

Craig Bartholomew

Interim Operations Manager

Email: craig@angusindadvocacy.org

Lisa Webster

Interim Citizen Advocacy Manager/Citizen Advocacy Development Worker

Email: lisa@angusindadvocacy.org

Linda Walsh

Office Manager

Email: enquiries@angusindadvocacy.org

Fraser Lyall

Administrative Assistant

Email: admin@angusindadvocacy.org

Sandra Stewart

Families Development Worker

Email: sandra@angusindadvocacy.org

Catherine Sheppard

Children and Young Person Advocacy Worker

Email: catherine@angusindadvocacy.org

Avril Muir

Children and Young Person Advocacy Worker

Email: avril@angusindadvocacy.org

Lyn Patterson

Children and Young Person Advocacy Worker

Email: lyn@angusindadvocacy.org

Jackie Frame

Senior Advocacy Worker

Email: jackieframe@angusindadvocacy.org

Fiona Bridges

Senior Advocacy Worker

Email: fiona@angusindadvocacy.org

Laurie Falconer

Peer Advocacy Worker

Email: laurie@angusindadvocacy.org

Mark Rogers

Advocacy Worker

Email: mark@angusindadvocacy.org

Lucy Mackie

Participation Worker

Email: lucy@angusindadvocacy.org

Wendy Smith

Citizen Advocacy Development Worker (Mental Health)

Email: wendy@angusindadvocacy.org